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History and Influences:

Velvet Butterfly was formed in April 1999. The band started out as a five piece comprising of two guitarists, a dedicated singer, a bass player and a drummer. The present band is a four piece and has been since July of this year due to the lead guitarist leaving a day before recording their first real Demo CD, 'Downcast'. Their music is created as a group with each member's influences being a part of the song-writing process. Such influences come from Pearl Jam, REM, U2, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, the Offspring, STP, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Funk, Jazz and Blues. With such a diversity of influences the group has forged its own unique sound although firmly planted in Grunge and Rock. Much of their earlier music is dominated by slower, subdued songs ranging from fast rock down to a guitar and vocal duet. The band's newer music is moving in a grunge/rock direction with songs that have a fast tempo and tunes that plague one's head.



Projects that they have undertaken include:

1st DEMO: Of the song 'ALONE', recorded at Killing Time Productions in March.

2nd DEMO CD: A much more serious attempt at a recording. This produced the "DOWNCAST" Ep/Demo. This is a seven track CD that was used to gain experience and experiment. Many of the songs on this CD were previously unrehearsed, although the shock departure of a member did not make the limited time at Jewell Studios any more productive.

The 1st Gig as Velvet Butterfly was performed at the City Hotel on 11th of September as a part of a 4 band and 4 DJ function called Jester in the Jungle.

Also in September, PmFm and Mushroom records picked the band to be one of its few 'Headliners'. This was a competition to discover unsigned Perth bands. Velvet Butterfly was the first band to be picked from the entries and was chosen by Mushroom Records. The prize was a week of airplay on the Top 30 show, an article in the X-press magazine and being placed on compilation CD from PmFm and Mushroom for January 2000. The CD is the PmFm Top 30 Headliner, details of this CD can be found here.

On the 4th of November they played in the 20 Minutes of Fame competition, at the Grosvenor, where they came an unofficial second behind Pun.

Since then the band has played numerous gigs at the Raffles Hotel, Coakley Hotel, Rockingham Naval Base, and again at the Grosvenor.