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PmFm Top 30 Headliner

This CD is a compilation that was created after the 2000 PmFm Top 30 Headliner promotion. Velvet Butterfly wsas the 1st band chosen in the promotion and  was placed on the CD.

The song that made it on the CD was "In Shadows". This is our first real CD. It was produced and created by Mushroom / Festival records in April 2000.

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Downcast EP

Downcast is our first EP attempt. The CD is the first recording of the current and entire band.

The recording was supposed to be done with the two orginal guitarists but the lead pulled out two days before recording placing stress and strain on the band, finacially and emotionally. The result is a CD that needs work but is a good first attempt.


In Shadows


Butterfly Kiss


Cold Innocence

Release Of Me

Secrect Track:


Alone Demo

This single track demo CD was recorded at Killing Time Productions in June 1999. The track is of the song ALONE. The track consisited of three current band members and the former lead guitarist. The recording of the track was the first time that the band had played with their drummer (Andrew) and the first time that he had heard the song.

The song was played without the current bass player, Scott, who joined the band the next week.

The demo was made to enter a competition on 100fm. The song needed to be 4mins long. The original version of Alone ran to almost 5 minutes. The veraion on the CD was cut short and from that point the song stayed as was.

The track was later re-recorded on the EP, but the band is not sure on which song is the better.